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Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks 

WiiRise is a height-adjustable sit-stand desk system that combines the healthy benefits of adjustable height workstations with the space efficiency of a benching system.  Users are able to independently adjust their work surface from seated height to standing height with push of a button.  

Individual Controls in a team work environment. 

wiiRise Height Adjustable Desks Single

WiiRise single

Single in-line adjustable height workstations are scaleable to plan efficient benching layouts. A single row of workstations can be standalone or can link together offering expandable planning opportunities for a fully integrated collaborative environment.

wiiRise Height Adjustable Desks Double

WiiRise double

Dual Tables offer an expandable adjustable height workstation configuration to plan dynamic benching solutions . Back-to-back workstations can be standalone or link together  with fully integrated electrical power and data solutions.


Proven Strength

Rigorous testing and quality standards assure reliability so you can keep working. 

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